Secretary’s Message

Education has three fold purpose-to make a person employable, to bring the best out of students and produce good humans. We are working towards fulfilling these three purposes by blending good academic programmes with a mosaic of activities.

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Chairman’s Message

As an Engineer, I have learned three important aspects in engineering - Analysis,Design,Test.

These can form the core of anything in life and are the principles that we impart in our institution..

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Principal's Message

As today’s scenario has been changing tremendously, school education has also adapted to the global churnings. The focus is on ‘Processing information’ rather than on ‘Collecting information’, on ‘Acquiring skills’ more than ‘Acquiring knowledge’, on managing self as a leader as will as a team player,

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Welcome to Zinc vidyalaya

"The direction in which a man starts education will determine his full life . Plato. "

It is said "If you are planning for a year, sow rice, if you are planning for a decade plant trees, and if you are planning for a lifetime, EDUCATE PEOPLE.

Education is today identified among basic needs, as essential for an individual's survival as "food, clothing and shelter". It brings about success and success translates into recognition-national and international.

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